Pope Defends the Role of the Church in Society

Pope Defends the Role of the Church in Society September 17, 2007

The recent support given by the Pope to a “structured dialogue” between the Church and the government in Ireland seems appropriate given the recent discussions sparked by Morning’s Minion and Henry on their posts regarding bishops’ competence on various issues. Pope Benedict XVI reiterated yesterday much of what he said in Part II of Deus Caritas Est (Zenit):

“Recognition of those imperfections indicates the importance of a rediscovery of moral and ethical principles, and the need both to recognize the limits of reason and to understand its essential relationship of complementarity with faith and religion.”

“Far from threatening the tolerance of differences or cultural plurality, or usurping the role of the state,” he added, “such a contribution illuminates the very truth which makes consensus possible and keeps public debate rational, honest and accountable.”

“When truth is disregarded, relativism takes its place: Instead of being governed by principles, political choices are determined more and more by public opinion, values are overshadowed by procedures and targets, and indeed the very categories of good and evil, and right and wrong, give way to the pragmatic calculation of advantage and disadvantage,” the Holy Father said.

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