USCCB Hires Pro-Choicer?

USCCB Hires Pro-Choicer? September 20, 2007

No, they didn’t.  There was a small uproar over the appointment of Kathy Saile as Director of Domestic Policy for the USCCB.  She had spoken at an event promoting pro-choice Democratic women.  CNS elaborates:

Saile, 42, said her work in Washington has brought her into contact with an “interesting, diverse coalition” whose members did not always agree on every issue. One of those contacts was Women’s Information Network, or WIN, a group that promotes the involvement in politics of Democratic women who believe a woman has a right to choose abortion.“It’s not always easy being a pro-life woman in D.C.,” she said. “But one of the things I challenged them on was the Democrats’ litmus test on abortion. … I think the Democrats are hurting themselves by having this litmus test for candidates.”

One Catholic media outlet reported after Saile’s appointment was announced that she “was a 2006 dinner-party speaker” for WIN, “a group dedicated to empowering pro-choice women.”

The dinner in question, she told Catholic News Service Sept. 18, involved about seven women at a private home for a discussion of faith and politics.“The issue of abortion was raised,” Saile said, “and I challenged people that it was not mutually exclusive to be socially progressive on issues like health care, poverty and housing and to be pro-life.”
Catholic News Service

(HT: Commenter in Mark Shea’s combox)

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  • Thank you for the clarification!

  • MZ

    There has been a lynch mob out for her blood for several days, and they will not let the facts get in the way of a good hanging. Originally they called her pro-choice on the evidence that she was at a meeting with some women who were pro-choice (guilt by association, which, of course, is how many condemned Jesus).

    Now that it has come out that she is pro-life (and actively put a pro-life discussion into the meeting itself) they are trying to condemn her for other quotes, all out of context, all exaggerated to find an excuse to justify their scapegoating…

  • I think the question was a fair one for people to ask. Most didn’t bother asking the question and just assumed. I regret to say my instinct was closer to their assumptions. My first comment on this publicly was that there is every possibility that events were how they turned out. I see the restraint I’ve gained in my old age has benefited me a little even if my instinct wasn’t perfect.

  • I see now that commenters elsewhere think they have a special gnosis. It takes a special mindset to see every person in the world as out to screw one’s self over. Admitting one was mistaken is often the hardest thing to do.

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  • Some bloggers who jumped to conclusions and beat this drum definitely need to ‘fess up in the same way Mark Shea did.

    When we’re talking about someone possibly losing her livelihood because of the outcry over her hiring, people need to wait until ALL the facts are in.

  • Jay

    I think many people should, but at least some are trying to find new reasons to mock her instead of admitting their error. Moreover, as you said, it’s her livelihood at stake. But I think she was a fall guy for something more — pure rejection of the USCCB and a continued assault on anything they do.

    I have friends who work there. It’s not what the blogs make it out to be at all.