Prof. George’s “unrequited letter” to Anne Rice

Prof. George’s “unrequited letter” to Anne Rice January 9, 2008

Here is Prof. Robert George’s open letter to Anne Rice (of vampire-novel fame), regarding her endorsement of Sen. Clinton’s campaign for the presidency (an endorsement that was, Ms. Rice stated, animated by her Catholic convictions).  A taste:

. . . For now, what I hope you will consider is simply this: The child in the womb either is or is not a human being–a member of the human family. If he or she is, then he or she is entitled as a matter of basic justice to the protection of laws and, indeed, to the equal protection of the laws. For a voter or public official to seek to deny to the unborn elementary legal protections against killing that we favor for ourselves and others we regard as worthy is a gross and appalling injustice. There is no way around this. Once one concedes the humanity of the child–as one must in view of the plain facts of human embryogenesis and early-intrauterine development–the principle of the profound, inherent, and equal dignity of every member of the human family requires the legal protection of the unborn.

Yet today the unborn are denied any legal protection and are slaughtered (there really is no other word for what is going on) at the rate of more than one million per year in our country. The scope and gravity of this injustice surely demands that we make the fight against it central in our own deliberations and actions as citizens. It is true that law cannot prevent all abortions; but unless the law recognizes the humanity and rights of the child in the womb we cannot begin doing what you and I wish to do–namely, end the horror of abortion. Recognizing what abortion is–the killing of an innocent human being–is the first step; and that step cannot be taken while we legally protect abortion and even confer on it (as the Supreme Court did) the status of a constitutional right. Our regime of law, as things stand, speaks loudly, clearly, and falsely. It proclaims that no being who matters–no creature possessing dignity and human rights–is destroyed when we tear off the limbs, burn off the skin, or suck out the brains of a human fetus. . . .

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