For whom I shall not vote

For whom I shall not vote January 28, 2008

I readily admit that I disagree with some of my fellow Vox Nova contributors on whom to vote for in either the presidential primary or general election. While I have not yet decided whether or not I can in good conscience even vote within either major party, I do know for whom I shall not vote. And guess what? Call me unoriginal, call me too conservative, but the make-it or break-it for me with regard to these candidates is explicit, chronicled and public support for the killing of the faceless and voiceless vulnerable–persons who happen to be zygotes, embryos and fetuses, which happen to be physiological stages on life’s way. Like I’ve said before, I am unequivocally anti-abortion.

Hillary Clinton’s, Barack Obama’s, and John Edward’s support for abortion rights is well known. Last summer, I mentioned my dismay over Obama’s and Edward’s health care platforms, which include provisions for covering abortions.

My worry over the possibility of a Rudy Giuliani nomination is beginning to extend to John McCain. McCain has voted for every congressional measure aimed at enhancing embryonic stem cell research (most recently in 2007), and has made no public comment as to any change of heart. In fact, David over at Catholics in the Public Square raises some pressing questions as to what sort of Supreme Court Judges a President McCain would appoint.

Edwards, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Giuliani are those for whom I shall not vote.

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