Colombia says FARC documents show Chávez funding

Colombia says FARC documents show Chávez funding March 3, 2008

The big news are no longer related to Chávez sending troops to the Colombian border.  Instead, latest evidence may link Chávez with the funding of a terrorist organization.  The Colombian government claims that documents found in the computer that belonged to “Raúl Reyes” (second in command of the FARC killed this past Saturday by the Colombian government) show that Chávez may have given over $300 million dollars to the Marxist group.  There is also some evidence of Uranium trade in these documents.  The FARC (translated Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) is a guerrilla movement (or so-called Marxist group) that has been trying to overthrow the Colombian government for the past 40 years.  They have organized attacks on civilians, murders and kidnappings.  They are considered a terrorist group by Canada, United States, Colombia, and the European Union, while Chávez has publicly repudiated the classification.

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  • TeutonicTim

    And this is a surprise?! This is the man who meets with Ahmadinejad for tea and crumpets.

  • Obviously, Karl Rove is behind this.

  • Matt

    Isn’t Obama talking about meeting with Ahmadinejad for tea and crumpets?

    All kidding aside this is very serious, and probably the reason that Chavez has ordered the buildup on the border. It is to me, the sign of a guilty conscience. If this comes to blows so many more will die in the name of socialism/communism.

    God Bless,


  • From my time in Colombia, even the “liberal” Jesuits view FARC as a terrorist group. They have ceased trying to implement change and now just blow things up to show that they can. Sadly, the AUC (Auto-Defensa Unida de Colombia) isn’t much better and is responsible for almost as many deaths, if not more. These days, the Jesuits put more hope in groups like M-19 who have reformed themselves into a political advocacy group instead of a revolutionary front.

  • Katerina

    BTW, there are no Venezuelan troops in the Colombian borders based on the news I watched from the Venezuelan stations last night… Chavez again talking a lot and doing nothing… That’s all he is: talk and talk.

  • Joe

    How many of you are familiar with the FARC’s rival, the ELN? It has roots in Catholic liberation theology.

    By the way, is there any good reason to trust this “evidence”? Isn’t it just as likely that our government is looking for a pretext for war with yet another oil-rich nation?