$500,000 Bounty on Bishop Erwin Kräutler

$500,000 Bounty on Bishop Erwin Kräutler March 29, 2008

It is being reported by a few news sources that Bishop Erin Kräutler of Brazil has had a bounty placed upon him by unknown sources because of he “supported the efforts of Indian tribes” (CWN) against “land grabbing, debt slavery and environmental destruction” (MSNBC).

This is just the latest in a long line of threats he has received because of his work for social justice; indeed, he has been under police protection for the last year due to the seriousness of the threats. Read more about his work here.

Lord, have mercy!

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  • asimplesinner

    A half-mil in USDs is no small amount of cheddar…

    I dunno, even for a “meddling bishop” that seems like a lot.

    Prayers for him either way.