Grocery Bills

Grocery Bills April 24, 2008

Yesterday I had to buy produce and fruit and some meat. I went to my local grocery store and at the checkout I commented on how expensive everything was. The clerk agreed with me. She told me that she just came back from a visit to the Philippines and she said she was shocked by what she saw. She said that people could not afford rice any more and so more and more people were having to dig in trash cans hoping to find just one bit of rice to take home to their children. But because there are more hungry people competing over the same trash cans there is little to go around. The clerk cried as she told me about what she had seen. She said people are actually starving. I told her about my time in Ecuador in 2000 when people were starving as well and how much the images still bother me.

I told the woman that while prices are increasing, it is not hurting us. As in, I am not being forced to make decisions like rent or food. But I know many people are having to make such decisions. I told her I didn’t know what I could do to help. She said she felt the same way. I told her the only thing we can do is pray and give to organizations that give to the poor.

As I walked away with my cart full of food, I thanked God for what I have and asked Him to show me what I can do for those who do not have.

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