Pro-life activist, law professor named to Pontifical Council

Pro-life activist, law professor named to Pontifical Council April 28, 2008

This is rather exciting! Helen Alvaré, Associate Professor of Law at the Catholic University of America and stalwart pro-life activist, has been named to the Pontifical Council for the Laity by Pope Benedict XVI. She will serve as a consultor to the Council, and she is the only new appointment from the United States. CNA has a write-up on all the new additions. Also see CUA’s press release on Alvaré’s appointment.

Alvaré describes herself as a pro-life feminist and as a new feminist. Her approach to the pro-life movement is to movtivate the basic, everyday levels of society. She remarks: “The soul of the pro-life movement has been, is and I think always will be the smart, committed individuals at the grass-roots level who never say die, and I do mean that as a pun.”

For more on Alvaré see her CUA faculty webpage, her George Mason University webpage and her Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture webpage.

Essays and Interviews:

“A New Feminism”

“Lonliness in the Context of Illness and Dying: A Catholic Perspective”

“Partial Birth Abortion: The Truth” (testimony before Joint Congressional Hearing)

“Objectivification of Women” (PDF)

Abortion What the Church Teaches

“The Gospel of Life and its Greatest Exemplar” (PDF)

“The Graying of Abortion”

“Female Objectivification Not All Fault of Men” (interview w/ Zenit)

“Papal Visit Prompts Reflection on U.S. Catholic Identity” (interview w/ PBS)

“Alvare, Lewis Disagree on Intent of Vetoed Abortion Bill” (interview w/ CNN)

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  • radicalcatholicmom

    Great News!

  • Tim F.

    She was a panelist on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer during the Pope’s visit. She is also a scheduled speaker at the Atlanta Eucharistic Congress this summer.

  • T. Shaw

    Sun Rises in East!

    Now, if the dem Senate would pass on a few of Bush’s ‘pro-life’ judicial appointments . . .