Deal Hudson and Deacon Sambi

Deal Hudson and Deacon Sambi April 29, 2008

In relation to my previous post, it goes without saying that Deal Hudson is at the front of the line in terms of demanding that pro-abortion politicians be denied communion. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Bush’s outreach man, the original Republicath. He is now fixated on whether nuncio Sambi gave communion to Kerry, Dodd, and Pelosi at the papal Mass in Washington DC– because Bob Novak said so. Well, Deal has the pictures (can you believe these characters sent people to the Mass to get these shots?) He shows Kerry receiving communion from a priest who is clearly not Sambi. But Dodd? Well, Deal is not so sure. Here is the picture:

And here is Deal’s commentary: “The gray-haired priest giving communion to Sen. Dodd could be Sambi, but it’s hard to tell”. Hard to tell? Sorry, Deal, but this man is clearly a deacon!!! I guess when you focus all your energy on using the Church to bash your opponents, you can miss a few minor details.

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