Whose Chief Political Advisor?

Whose Chief Political Advisor? May 14, 2008

We all know that Jermiah Wright is the chief political adviser of the Obama campaign. After all, what else can account for the obsession with this man’s words in the media?OK, let’s get back to reality: Wright is not part of Obama’s campaign. But John McCain’s political adviser is a man named Charlie Black, a man who made money lobbying for some of the world’s nastiest thugs and dictators. Consider Jonas Savimbi, the Angolan rebel who plunged his country into perpetual civil war, fostered the blood diamond trade, engaged in widespread torture, personally beat to death an opponent’s wife and children, shelled civilians, sowed countless land mines, and then bombed a Red Cross-run factory making artificial legs for the victims. And he did all this with the funding from the US, in no small part due to Charlie Black, the man who is now chief political adviser to John McCain. Will there be outrage? Hardly. After all, lobbying is a respectable business while preaching a prophetic message in a black church about the sins of the US (in which Charlie Black has a hand) clearly is not.

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