Lisante Apologizes… But Not Really

Lisante Apologizes… But Not Really June 5, 2008

I wrote a few days ago about Msgr. Jim Lisante, a priest who made a pro-McCain, anti-Obama speech at a Republican event and used a prayer to make a cheap partisan quip.

Well, now Lisante says he should not have done so during the invocation — but reserved the right to publicly back McCain. “I do not as a priest forfeit my right as a citizen to a point of view, even when it comes to standing by a particular candidate,” he claimed. But that is disputed. Cardinal George’e response to Pfleger suggests otherwise, and his own diocese of Rockville Centre formally reminds priests every year that they are prohibited from publicly backing candidates or parties, and that parishes cannot host meet-the-candidates nights. And yet Bishop William Murphy is refusing to comment. Why?

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