From Around the Web: Worth a Look

From Around the Web: Worth a Look June 25, 2008

George Weigel on Benedict and the revival of the Latin Mass. Art critic Roger Kimball on critical thinking and the Enlightenment. Two good pieces from The Atlantic: Is Google Making Us Stupid? and a consideration of the unintended consequences of good intentions – an American Murder Mystery. Jonathan V. Last previews, negatively, the new Brideshead Revisited film. For fans of the Sopranos, a definitive and I think convincing case that Tony is dead. Stephen Norwood reviews the relationship between Harvard and the Nazis. Bjorn Lomborg calls for coolheadedness in the global warming discussion. John Derbyshire explains why many conservatives don’t like science. Yuval Levin on public opinion and the debate over embryos. Kay Hymowitz explains why some teens intentionally try to get pregnant. A fascinating, and vanishing, Albanian tradition.

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