Millions Flee United States

Millions Flee United States July 31, 2008

Some 1.3 million illegal immigrants have left the United States since Congress failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the summer of 2007. If the trend continues, according to a new study, the nation’s illegal population will drop by half in the next five years.

Moreover, reports the Center for Immigration Studies, young Hispanic immigrants began heading south before the nation’s economy did – a clue that what’s driving the new outmigration is a stepped-up border and workplace enforcement, not a souring US job market.

More. The report itself can be found here. Aside from the timing issue, the report notes the following:

* One indication that stepped-up enforcement is responsible for the decline is that only the illegal immigrant population seems to be affected; the legal immigrant population continues to grow.
* Another indication enforcement is causing the decline is that the illegal immigrant population began falling before there was a significant rise in their unemployment rate.
* The importance of enforcement is also suggested by the fact that the current decline is already significantly larger than the decline during the last recession, and officially the country has not yet entered a recession.

The report does concede, however, that the current economic slowdown is undoubtedly responsible for part of the decline.

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  • Morning’s Minion

    It’s depressing that the media is ignoring the raids all over the country of the ICE thugs, splitting up families and destroying communities.

  • The raids are minimal compared to the number of companies employing illegal aliens – who frequently use stolen SSN. The government has to enforce the law. The consequences of that aren’t on the government, but on those who broke the law. I don’t have faith in either party to deal with this, because on the one hand the border must be secured and made as impenetrable as possible and on the other a limited amnesty would be a good thing. Illegal immigration isn’t good for anyone. It has to be stopped as much as possible while immigration laws and their execution ought to provide the labor the American economy needs. But, the left doesn’t care at all about enforcement, and the right doesn’t want to provide any amnesty. As usual, the left has no brain and the right no heart.

  • Morning’s Minion

    “government has to enforce the law.”

    An unjust law is no law at all, and we have a duty not to comply with it.

  • Policraticus

    A question to consider is: Do we continue to “enforce” laws that have been challenged and condemned as unjust by our bishop, or do we seek to reform these laws in the hope that not only will such a measure curb undocumented migration but also stolen identities? In other words, are we enforcing laws that actually motivate such crimes?

  • Well, I think that immigration policy is, in general, screwed, but the government can’t really make the claim that it can’t enforce the laws because they are unjust. The legislative has to change them. Being deported for working illegally isn’t unjust though. Not providing for legal means to provide labor is pitiful – and it’s been the case for decades. Farmers can’t get enough legal workers. No one can want the human smuggling and blackmail, becoming an underclass – which is why illegal immigration must be stopped. At the same time, immigration has to become easier and a LOT faster. If you’re not a family-based immigrant, good luck.

  • T. Shaw

    MM: you’re a left wing loon, a sworn enemy of the private sector, and apparently you want this nation to cease and desist from its sovereignty.

    I think any employer that hires such criminals should be subject to a fine of $1,000 per day per criminal. I think patriots that identify such employers should share in the fines.

    Then, about 12 million of the thieves will stop making America a hell hole and abscond back to their hell holes of origin. And, we few we taxpayers won’t have to pay for their socialist health care when Saint Obama begins dismantling the United States of America.

    Buy gold.

  • Btw, USCIS is set to introduce a Do It Yourself deportation option.

  • blackadderiv

    The raids are minimal compared to the number of companies employing illegal aliens – who frequently use stolen SSN.

    Yes, illegal immigrants often use fake documents to pay social security taxes. That’s dastardly.

  • Identity theft is funny to you. Ok then. It’s rather dastardly for the people in whose name they work, because they then get in trouble for not paying income tax. Sometimes, several illegals work under the same person’s SSN. Would you like someone to steal your identity ? My mother-in-law has such an ‘alter ego’ who’s now back in South America.

  • blackadderiv

    I’ve already had my identity stolen, actually (and by someone who was using it to do more than pay taxes). It’s wasn’t nearly as exciting as the name might suggest.

  • I suggest a change of headline: “Tired, Poor and Tempest-Toss’d fleeing America: Conservatives celebrate.”

  • Policraticus

    MM: you’re a left wing loon, a sworn enemy of the private sector, and apparently you want this nation to cease and desist from its sovereignty.

    Sheer brilliance in presentation, utter profundity in logical reasoning! Bravo.

  • HA

    It’s depressing that the media is ignoring the raids all over the country of the ICE thugs, splitting up families…

    Far be it from me to stand in the way of a rhetorical cheap shot, but to the extent that immigrants are returning to their home countries, don’t the majority of these relocations, voluntary or otherwise, wind up with families actually being reunited?

  • little gal

    Whenever I get the chance to share Dr. Barry Chiswick’s work on immigration, I do. He is considered to be an expert on the economics of immigration. In April of 2006 he gave testimony to the Senate Judiciary Cmmte. on the Economic Impact of Immigration. Here is the link:

  • RR

    “The government has to enforce the law.”

    Yes. Why do we let those jaywalkers off the hook? They should be fined $1000 per step.

  • spe salvi

    There are discussions among illegal immigrants about the option of leaving the country like this one:

    In post #19 one person, for instance, rants: “…This is what I have been saying. Don’t politicians and alipacers see this. We, College grads are the ones who leave, The criminals and the ppl they are scared are gonna stay because they dont give a damn about being productive and all.”

    These are teenagers and 20-somethings, some of whom have graduated college. I guess it’s easy to make the transition if they’re still fluent in their native language and don’t have too many roots in the US, but for many others it would be very difficult to leave everything they know behind.

  • Anonymous

    What I find tragically yet laughingly predictable yet entirely unsurprising about the debates on this particular thread is how the so-called “liberals” have ended up frothing forth like hard-right Republicans.

    Of course, for anyone viewing this whole business outside the US bubble such phenomena are entirely unsurprising, but for the above indicated liberals they arrive in their consciousness like a thunderbolt. The key thing here is the acceptance, as an absolute that subjugates even a declaration of an ecumenical council, of the boundaries of the nation-state and the treaties associated therewith.

    For those of us viewing this whole business from outside, the fact that about a quarter of the USA was stolen from Mexico by brute force in the 1840’s remains an endless source of amusement!