American Society for Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)?

American Society for Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)? August 1, 2008

Anyone know anything about this “Catholic” group? I’ve never heard of the group until today, when I read this article about Carmina Salcido.

It’s a horror story. When she was three, her father went on a rampage, killed her family, and left her, her throat slit, in a ravine with her two dead sisters. She was found — and survived. Her only living relative, her grandfather, could not take care of her; she was adopted by an elderly couple, members of TFP, and it seems, her life was hell under them. TFP secluded her from the rest of the world, and that made the cover for — abuse. She makes it clear TFP was not to blame for the abuse. But I wonder, what kind of people join TFP? Is her story a unique example? What can people tell me about TFP?

Clearly Carmina has had a rough life; I hope, now that she is on her own, she will be able to find some peace.

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