The Day After

The Day After November 5, 2008

I would like to say I’m jubilant today.  I’m not.  Yes, “my candidate” won last night and convincingly, even if not by my optimistic forecast.  This is not to say that I regret my vote even though my wife and I cancelled each other out.  I do believe the better candidate won last night.  I never confused him for the perfect candidate though.  A two-year window opened today that will hopefully result in a lot of good.

With the margins for the Democrats in the House and Senate, it is my sincere hope that we can finally get the health care reform we so badly need.  I hope Paul Volcker continues on in an Obama White House in some capacity such as Treasury Security.  I hope we can now begin the process of disengaging and withdrawing from Iraq.  I hope our future foreign policy will be guided more by conciliation than by righteous preening.  I also hope the Democrats recognize – and I think the conservative Democrats in the House do recognize – that support from pro-lifers helped make this election possible and act accordingly.

Treat this as an open thread for your own thoughts and reflections.  Just don’t bore me.

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