Blog Action Day: Refugees!

Blog Action Day: Refugees! November 10, 2008

Today is a Blog Action Day for Bloggers around the world to focus the spot light on the refugee crisis. Many of you are my regular readers and have been following the story of my adopted refugee family that I am sponsoring so to speak via Catholic Social Services here in Anchorage.
To follow my family’s story and read about them you may go the following links:
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Today, though, I want to talk about the growing crisis situation in Northeastern Congo. My refugee mother has her pregnant daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren in that mess. She has been on the phone non-stop with relatives in Uganda and Rwanda trying to get a hold of her daughter and family. No one has been able to find her daughter and grandchildren. You can imagine the hell the Mom is living right now. She can barely function due to worry. So today I am calling my local Red Cross to see if we can register her daughter’s family’s info so that IF her daughter makes it to a refugee camp then we can connect them.

My family’s story is merely one amongst literally millions of displaced people. Sudan. Congo. Iraq. War causes most refugee situations.

Please keep refugees in your prayers. And remember to look for them in your local community and do what you can to be Jesus to them.

Click here for a good resource from the USCCB.

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  • LCB

    This is a very worthy topic for blogging that too often goes ignored in the world.

    Few understand the tremendous strain placed upon a refuge. What if 25% of the people in Iowa or Kansas were forced to relocate suddenly? The impact on the nation would be devastating.

    We are impacted daily because of refuge issues worldwide, and are often unaware.

  • Thank you for sharing this personal story.