The Open Letter to Obama Is Only the Beginning. Please Help Us In The Work Ahead!

The Open Letter to Obama Is Only the Beginning. Please Help Us In The Work Ahead! November 21, 2008

I want to thank everyone who has shown a positive response to the Open Letter to President-elect Barack Obama. It’s meant to be a group effort, and many people have been at work to make sure the letter gets as wide a public as possible (including, of course, to Obama). Since many people have indicated that they want to sign the letter, there are plans to send an updated copy of the letter to Obama.

Moreover, we are hoping this is only the start of a greater, long-term effort. We are wantingto collect the names, e-mail addresses, and websites of all who have shown an interest in this effort, so we can better coordinate our effort in the future. We want to make sure as many people are involved as possible, because that way we can share our ideas, and hopefully try more, even better initiatives in the future. To insure the accuracy of our information, we are requesting that all signatories send their contact e-mail address and website(s) to Marjorie Campbell at .


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