From Around the Web: Worth a Look

From Around the Web: Worth a Look November 24, 2008

The CUA student newspaper reports on Francis Cardinal Stafford’s comments about Obama (with audio). Discover ancient Rome with Google Earth. The incredible story of Stojan Adasevic, the abortionist who says he was visited by a saint. There are big protests over the effort to protect health care providers who oppose abortion. Tim Montgomerie on what the Republicans can learn from the Tories. A Woodrow Wilson article from 1910 with many interesting collectivist quotes. From Culture11: cruel TV satire and love, marriage, and the politics of reconciliation and the spirit of Jonestown living on and in praise of squares. More on Jonestown, until the mass suicides a rather ‘mainstream’ place, here. Musical genius Prince says ‘it’s all about religion.’ From Theodore Dalrymple: Roman Remains. Sadly, the ‘N-word’ still flourishes. Kay Hymowitz writes about Love in a Time of Darwinism and Roissy gives it a serious fisking here. The Tempest was written before 1604, which strengthens my personal view in favor of De Vere. Ramesh Ponneru on how a Canadian-style health care system would change the parties. Half Sigma on ’Reverse Palin Derangement Syndrome.’ Greenland braces for independence and wealth. Steve Sailer continues to examine the housing bubble: The Vegas decade and from out of the memory hole and how the media ignored Bush’s successful struggle against down payments. See also his longer article Unreal Estate. An interesting look at recent cultural timelines. Frederica’s ‘ancient faith radio’ is definitely worth a listen, especially when the subject is CS Lewis. An impressive correlation at strangemaps: comparing slavery to the recent vote. Robert Spencer reviews a book about Muhammad and Aisha. John Derbyshire on the incomparable Samuel Johnson and science given the reality of politics. A very cool automatic baby walker. From Ross Douthat: Presidents and Heretics (be sure to follow the links) and The When and Why of Abortion. Gene Expression examines Mormons and Southerners. What does it mean to have healthcare with a conscience? A look inside the Onion. Amity Shales leads the way in reassessing the New Deal. An appreciation of Pat Buchanan at 70. From Houston, another example of our broken immigration system. For those interested in liberalism, a short interview with Jim Kalb. Obama and race is considered by Shelby Steele and T aka Ricky Raw. A retrospective of the Lend-Lease Act.

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