President Vasquez of Uruguay leaves party over abortion

President Vasquez of Uruguay leaves party over abortion December 6, 2008

The president of Uruguay, Tabere Vazquez, has left his socialist party over disagreevazquezment on the legalization of abortion in the nation. President Vazquez drew the ire of many in his party after he vetoed a bill that would have legalized abortion during the first twelve weeksmonths of pregnancy. He claims that providing support and aid to pregnant women is a more appropriate response to crisis pregnancies than permitting access to abortion.

BBC reports:

Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez has resigned as leader of the ruling Socialist Party amid a row over his vetoing of an abortion bill.

The controversial bill would have decriminalised abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Mr Vazquez was said to be angry by criticism of his opposition to bill, which many in his own party had backed.

Several leading party members have said they will try to persuade him to reverse his decision.

“It is a painful decision, both for the president and for us, and we will do everything possible to keep him from leaving,” said Monica Xavier, a Socialist Party senator.

Under current Uruguayan law, women who have abortions, other than if they have been raped or their lives are in danger, face up to nine months in prison.

Those who carry out the procedure face up to two years in prison.

In November, the Uruguayan Senate voted by 17 votes to 13 to make abortion legal if there was a health risk to the mother or foetus.

The bill would also have allowed a woman to end her pregnancy in the first 12 weeks under other circumstances, such as extreme poverty.

But centre-left Mr Vazquez, who is also a doctor, vetoed the bill, saying it was more important to provide support for women with unwanted pregnancies than to enable them to have abortions.

Mr Vazquez’s decision was made public by Vice-President Rodolfo Nin Novoa, who said Mr Vazquez had written last week to the party’s secretary-general.

Opinion polls had suggested a majority of Uruguayans favoured easing their predominantly-Roman Catholic country’s restrictions on abortion.

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  • “…after he vetoed a bill that would have legalized abortion during the first twelve months of pregnancy.”

    Abortion during the first 12 months of pregnancy????!!!!!! Guys, are you referring to elephants?

  • My man!

  • Dustin

    BA, your post is in error, as the Beeb excerpt indicates. But anyway. There’s a lesson there for certain American politicians, of either party and on any number of key issues of conscience . . . if they’re paying attention.

  • blackadderiv

    A copy of Vazquez’s veto message (in Spanish) can be found here. Based on an english translation I saw (which I now cannot find), it seemed pretty good.

  • Policraticus


    Thanks for pointing that out. I need to be a bit more careful (and physiologically correct) next time!

  • David Nickol


    Some “anti-aborts” claim Obama wants abortion legal through the “fourth trimester,” which I at first thought was a mistake, but it turns out that it is their way of saying he is in favor of infanticide. So in some peoples’ minds, there are 12 months of pregnancy.

  • radicalcatholicmom

    The 4th trimester refers to the fact that newborns for the first 3 months are incredibly needy.

  • Dustin

    I meant Policraticus, of course. Not sure how I didn’t catch the attribution. But I see the mistake in the post was corrected anyway.

  • I wonder if this fellow would vote for a pro-abortion politician based on some trumped up rationalization designed to look like an appeal to double-effect.

  • kurt


    Was that a dig at Rick Santorum’s support for Arlen Specter? Certain Santorum had a million other faults too.