From Around the Web: Worth a Look

From Around the Web: Worth a Look January 8, 2009

Ryan Harkins writes about pitting the body against the soul. A Canadian theology professor considers Quebec and Catholicism. Some answers to supporters of female ordination. Rod Dreher on Evangelical monastics. Dreher also has a good piece about community and change here. Is the New York Times about to die? Matt Labash has a truly outstanding piece on Detroit. Sociologists are paying attention to genetic research, as should everyone. How the Clinton and Bush push for more minority homeowners is a huge part of the forclosure rate. Steve Sailer adds more details about the four “sand states” here. Alias Clio ponders the Eternal Ingenue. Aging populations will be a root of future conflict. Three informative pieces from Asia Times: of Overcoming ethnicity and Change in the face of foreign devils and Benedict XVI is magnificently right. How Kennedy politicians came to advocate for ’abortion rights.’ Rob Inglis wants an end to ’all you can drive insurance.’ Joel Stein writes that Hollywood is, in fact, rather Jewish. Political corruption shall always be with us. New anti-smoking laws are badly hurting the business of pubs. Does living in the city hurt the brain? The physics of pole vault. The best lifehacks of 2008. Harold Ambler takes Al Gore to task. The Audacious Epigone considers genetics and ethnocentric group personality formation, which psychologist Kevin MacDonald writes of here and here. A “radical leftist” weighs in here. A funny interview with the new mayor of London, Boris Johnson. An interview with one of my favorite authors, philosopher Peter Kreeft. Charles Murray on how to improve post secondary education. Grief on the anniversary of the Castro dictatorship. Dave Barry reviews 2008. Matt Yglesias on the decline of newspapers. How a variety of animals are helping the handicapped. A summary of the thousands of rockets fired into Israel in 2008. Twelve elegant examples of evolution. Fouad Ajami remembers Samuel Huntington. Also, remembrances of Chesterton and Teddy Roosevelt. (My favorite anti-TR piece is here.) Safe to say the Reason Foundation is against bailouts. Jaromir Jagr has found a home in Russia. Roissy says that the climb of status begins at birth. T. has similar thoughts. A theory of everything. Let us hope modernist architecture dies. Pat Buchanan on who killed the auto industry. More on fertility and faith. Anne Applebaum explains the trouble in Greece. David Frum on the tradeoffs of health care. An FBI agent writes of the Weather Underground. More from Ross Douthat on the politics of abortion here. Richard Spencer on the Right and Mencken. Phillip Jenkins on Jesus and Buddha, whose adherents got along for a long time. A brief history of contemporary art in China. Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor writes that we should relish language. An appreciation of Conor Cruise O’Brien. The jargon of ’culturalism.’ Finding God through aesthetics.

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  • Jonathan,

    Cool roundup of the web!

    Just a small addendum, Ryan’s last name is Harkins.

    Happy New Year!

  • jonathanjones02

    Thanks – corrected. Let me also encourage reading Douthat’s tribute to Father Neuhaus:

    He was a bridge-builder, and his gain is our loss.

  • jonathanjones02
  • Amen to that. Fr. Neuhaus was a fine commentator on Catholicism in the public square.

  • Taliesin

    The real harm to pubs here in the UK comes not from the smoking ban but rather from the massive levels of duty levelled on alcohol. This is of course (shriek all you like you Reaganite/Clintonite ignorami, but I’m afraid my capacity for charity has rather expired in the light of the cold hard facts) due entirely to the general trend of the last three and a half decades: transfer tax from the filthy rich to the ordinary public. Thus in the UK we now pay 17.5 (temporarily reduced to 15) % VAT on everything except children’s clothes, and 50-60% duty on alcohol and cigarettes paid for by the poor (not to mention the lottery tickets they’re lured into buying too!) This is how in the UK the rich, not to mention the non-doms (including especially various ex-Soviet oligarchs living fat on the expropriated wealth (three cheers for the free market!) of the former USSR while ex-Soviet pensioners freeze to death in the street), get away without paying pretty much anything without the economy collapsing. But now it is collapsing, and our patience with this filth is running out. We need a world government to get these people against the wall and financially beat them senseless. Trillions and trillions of dollars are being tauntingly waved in the faces of the poor and then invested in frivolities. (I know: half they’re yachts are made down the road from my house). We have to take it back. Once we have these bastards in the corner then they are at our mercy: they can hardly offshore it to Mars.