Signs You May Be Running a Right Wing Hate Site

Signs You May Be Running a Right Wing Hate Site January 14, 2009

In the midst of confusion surrounding Doug Kmiec’s missive at Commonweal, I thought I would offer as a public service a guide to help people know if they might be running a right wing hate site.  Admittedly this confusion seems to be of the sort as finding impropriety at a brothel, but I will act in good faith.  This is not intended to be comprehensive, nor is it a checklist.

  1. Your blog/site typically referred to Obama supporters as ultimately wanting to increase the rate of abortion.   The supporters were either stupid or devious.
  2. Your blog/site uncritically accepted as gospel that support of Obama were grounds for refusal of communion in your milder moments or outright excommunication except for those spineless bishops in your less tender moments, unless the Obama supporter were irredeemable stupid.
  3. Your blog/site continually speculated that a person’s stated reason(s) for supporting Obama were impossible to believe and substituted theories of personal corruption being more likely, no matter how poorly researched or plausible.
  4. You or your blog/site engaged in campaign to deny employment and or speaking opportunities, even grossly speculative employment like an ambassadorship raised on a blog post for crying out loud, for the sin of having publicly stated the election of Obama would be preferred over McCain.
  5. The idea that someone disagreed with you over who to support for the President leads primarily to a debate over whether that person was stupid or evil.
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