Guess Who?

Guess Who? January 22, 2009

Do you know who I am?

I’m a man. I’m a world figure. Some people love me. Some think I am the Anti-Christ.

Wherever I go, crowds follow me.  They cheer me on. They yell out my name.  Rock stars sing for me. People pay careful attention to what I have to say. My words in Washington were listened to by people all around the world. My books are bestsellers.

My mission in this world is to help save it.

Who am I?


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  • David Raber

    Henry, you may be a victim of Ratzingermania.

  • Mickey Jackson

    God bless the Holy Father!

  • I know, what a celebrity! He’s just like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton!!

  • I’m not sure what the point of this post was. There are lots of people besides Obama and Ratzinger to whom this description could apply (Rick Warren, for example).

  • David Raber

    Thank God that the Pope is a celebrity, and I mean that literally. It’s the Pope’s job to be a celebrity, the figurehead of Christ’s Church on earth (and of course more than a figurehead as well).

    As much as some Protestants and Orthodox deny it, the Office of St. Peter actually appears to have a providential function in world history, and it is not just because this pope is telegenic and that one is real smart and the other one is just like your fat jolly uncle. The Pope is bound to be a celebrity as long as he makes a noise about the cause of Christ in the world and continues to appear in public in outlandish costumes such as the one shown above (the likes of which Elton John et. al. can only envy).

    So perhaps it would be more remarkable, and a cause for concern too, if the Pope were not a celebrity.

  • I totally got it. 😉

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  • JC

    Uhh, it’s nice that the Pope is a celebrity.

    The Pope’s mission is not to save the world. The Pope’s mission is to turn people to Christ, Who already saved the world.

    CCC 676 is very clear about secular leaders who promise to solve the world’s problems through secular means: and that applies to both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who are two sides of the same coin.