From Around the Web: Worth a Look

From Around the Web: Worth a Look January 29, 2009

Remembering John Updike. A fantastic interview with Gregory Cochran, whose new book on how evolution has accelerated is getting a lot of attention. Healing the fault lines of the Anglican Reformation. Some German lawsuits are causing trouble for some parents. So what do women want? Jerry Coyne argues that science and faith cannot be reconciled. Josh Trevino on the sad ending of Culture11. Here is my plug for an outstanding charity. More evidence that increased funding cannot close achievement gaps. From Thomas Madden: The truth about the Spanish Inquisition. RR Reno on faith and fertility. A heartfelt and very worthwhile personal reflection of Catholicism and homosexuality. From the Audacious Epigone: gender parity and fecundity and educational gender parity. From Sailer: boosting productivity and the disaster of Trudeau. The return of Canadian-style Red Toryism? Britain’s economy seems to be headed for a lot of trouble as government consumes more and more. Outstanding photographs at the Cockatoo Island Project. Benicio Del Toro walks away from some tough questions about Che’s murders. Suderman’s review is here. Foreign aid funding continuous Palestinian violence. More here. Amy Welborn considers SSPX. Here is the place to read the pork-laden ”stimulus.” Here is a critical take. John Hood weighs in here. An interesting article on ”greening the ghetto.” Robert Samuelson on three economic crises in one. David Frum on why he rethought immigration. An OPEC lesson for China. Are Southern dogs better? An interview with the Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Why book reviews matter. A fascinating historical discovery about Andrew Jackson. The top 50 movie special effects shots. Danny Boyle on why he likes smaller budgets. James Kalb asks: is social conservatism necessary? An informative interview with the underrated director David Attenborough. Some advice for Tina Brown. Bruce Bawer on the free speech disgraces in the Netherlands. Hopefully this won’t be a big deal: Islamists and biological weapons. The politics of political hires at the Justice Department. Rep. Frank and ”federal action.” A from the ground view of the insanity of the housing bubble. Judaism and geocrentrism. A tale of the El Paso border. Robert P. George reflects on the Roe anniversary. Ed Whelan’s powerful Senate testimony on Roe is here. Economists take to the The Wall Street Journal here and here to protest recent government action. Spengler dissects Obama’s rhetoric. Literary elites dazzled by their own creation. How will Carlos Slim use his newfound influence? A sad economic milestone. A new word: hatefacts. The beauty of North Carolina barbecue. (I can personally attest to its wonderfulness.) Texas A&M is making new discoveries about evolutionary processes. A good, very accessible consideration of Darwinian complexities. Steven Pinker starts to unlock his own genetic code.

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