Spain Prepares to “Fully Legalize” Abortion

Spain Prepares to “Fully Legalize” Abortion February 20, 2009

Distressing news today from Spain: the government appears ready to legalize the “terminations” of children on demand in the early stages of pregnancy.

The move is the latest in an ambitious programme of social change under Spanish prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero that has seen him clash repeatedly with the Roman Catholic Church.

Since coming to power in 2004 his socialist government has legalised gay marriage, eased divorce laws and dropped religious education from the curriculum in public schools, all measures which have deeply angered church leaders.

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  • LCB

    Sounds a lot like a certain political party over here, that shares the same ideology.

    It makes one consider that the problem is the ideology itself.

  • mary

    In Italy the Government never clashes with the Vatican when:

    Italian women are eligible to request an abortion for health, economic or social reasons, including the circumstances under which conception occurred. ( In fact it is an abortion on demand).

    Abortions are performed free-of-charge in public hospitals.

    The law also allows termination in the second trimester of the pregnancy only in one of the following cases: a) when the life of the woman would be at risk if the pregnancy is carried to term; b) the fetus carries genetic or other serious malformations which would put the mother at risk of serious psychological or physical consequences.

    Minor can have abortion: she can request the intervention of a judge when the legal tutor refuses the intervention, or there are reasons to exclude the legal tutors ( parents) from the process. Abortion isn’t notified to parents.

    Abortion in Italy became legal in May 1978 and confirmed in a 1981 national referendum, by nearly 70% of voters.

    So italian people didn’t vote for politicians pro-choice, they voted direcly the abortion law. Want anybody apply Canon 915 to most italian catholics?

    Now do you understand why I found your discussion about to deny Communion to Pelosi ( or other pro-choice) a nonsense?

  • kurt

    When you decide to support a fascist coup by four insurgent generals over the legitimate and democratically elected government, it puts in motion some very hard divisons still evident 73 years later.

  • TeutonicTim

    Don’t worry, the social programs they’ve implemented will obviously reduce the abortion rate.