Question to Ponder

Question to Ponder May 15, 2009

As we know, the more we explore our universe, the more we find ourselves able to do things which once were thought to be impossible. There are still things which appear to be impossible such as time travel.

But what if time travel is not impossible? There are scientific theories which suggest it to be possible. Indeed, the more we explore the universe, the more things such as time appear to be constructs of the human mind, and the reality is far more diverse than the construct would allow (this, for example, has been shown through Einstein’s theory of relativity).

If time travel is possible (and we can even change the way time has gone), would it affect our moral obligations at all? Would we be required to change history (or to try to do so)? For example, if we are to work for the prevention of abortion, would that prevention also include abortions which took place in the past, once we can get to the past? Why or why not? What about other great evils, such as the holocaust? Would we be obliged to find a way to support Hitler’s artistic career so as not to have it happen? Of course, one could argue the consequences of such changes could be disastrous, and indeed, they could be (things could end up worse from our interference), but, would that really be a valid response?

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