Quote of the Week: Vladimir Soloviev

Quote of the Week: Vladimir Soloviev September 16, 2009

The intrinsic possibility, the basic condition of unity with Divinity is found thus in man himself — the Kingdom of God is within you [Lk 17:21]. But this possibility must pass over into reality, man must manifest, disclose the Kingdom of God concealed in him, for this he must combine the explicit effort of his free will with the covert action of Divine grace in him — the Kingdom of God is taken by force, and applied efforts take possession of it. Without these personal efforts the possibility will remain just a possibility, a token of future blessing is lost, the embryo of true life will die away and perish. Thus, the Kingdom of God, perfected in the eternal divine idea (‘in heaven’), potentially inherent in our nature, is necessarily at the same time something perfectible for us and through us. In this respect it is our undertaking, a task for actualization. This understand and this task cannot be confined to the isolated, individual existence of separate persons. Man is a social creature, and the loftiest undertaking of his life, the ultimate goal of his efforts lies not in his personal destiny, but in the social fortunes of all humanity.

— Vladimir Solovie, “On Counterfeits,” in Freedom, Faith and Dogma. trans. Vladimir Wozniuk (Albany New York: SUNY, 2008), 150-1.

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