Question about New Years Day

Question about New Years Day January 1, 2010

For some reason, the change of the year does not excite me much. I’m sure a part of it is that I find the sacred year to be more important than the secular year, and I find the secular celebration is being used to undermine the ecclesial calendar and its cycles.

And yet, I do partake of new year discussions, because the secular year has such an influence on us. People do change their lives based upon the year. The new year can be used to motivate people to improve themselves — and I will agree that it is a good thing. And Christianity can engage the rebirth of the the secular year and use it, as it has many times, to discuss spiritual rebirth.

But as a whole, I remain unmoved. I don’t stay up late to see the change of the year. I  continue my daily life as usual. Am I alone here? Anyone have a similar opinion as me? Or a different one? What exactly does the new year (on the secular calendar) mean to you?

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  • Andy

    It`s a Catholic thing because Pope Gregory authorized the calender. May you and your loved ones have a good year.

  • JoanC

    I regard the New Year holiday very pragmatically, as an opportunity to straighten and organize my home and work space and to plan for many of the activities that come up periodically such as financial matters.

    I make no resolutions and have only occasionally, when younger, celebrated.

    Spiritual renewals come periodically at Advent and whenever life events inspire.

  • January 1st was the day when Roman officials took office. Take from that what you will.

  • dan

    “I don’t stay up late to see the change of the year. I continue my daily life as usual. Am I alone here?”

    I appreciate New Years day off from work, but on New Year’s eve I’m in bed by 10PM.