I Will Not Abide This

I Will Not Abide This February 13, 2010

Several Catholic blogs have made comments that those opposed to torture are too shrill.  We are claimed to be divisive.  And the plain truth is that after at least a half decade of having our country commit torture, including to the point of having tortured people to death (obviously denied or otherwise attempted to be excused), many of us have difficulty seeing the good will of those who defend our country’s practices.  Further, our country has clearly not limited its use of torture to the difficult case of a known and imminent threat, aka the ticking time bomb.  And for all the alleged nuance of those supporting “enhanced interrogation”, we find such things as over half the country supporting the torture of Abdulmutallab, the underwear bomber, for the sadistic purpose of going on a fishing expedition, figuring he must have other information of use.  In fact, Raymond Arroyo’s personal moral theologian on torture, Marc Thiessen, found President Obama’s unwillingness to use torture against Abdulmutallab to be negligent.  Yes, this is the man that EWTN is hosting.  This is the man whose voice needed to be aired – no, supportively promulgated – on the leading worldwide Catholic television station.  Why not just offer a sympathetic platform to NARAL – Catholic for Choice would be too moderate – for crying out loud?  There are times for moderation.  This is not one of them.  If EWTN wants to liberally support torture, that is its business.  It has no business calling itself Catholic while doing it though.

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