For The Sunday of St Gregory Palamas

For The Sunday of St Gregory Palamas February 28, 2010

Today, the Second Sunday of the Great Fast, is known in the Byzantine tradition as St Gregory Palamas Sunday. He is one of the great lights of Eastern theology and spirituality. In the past, despite his importance, his thought was lost, and only a few monastics in the East were able to appreciate his work. It was only in recent times that his work re-emerged and become studied by the lay and monastic alike, bringing in a renaissance to Eastern theological thought.

Here is a short educational video from youtube on St Gregory Palamas and his life:

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  • jh

    ah Great!! I am on dial up at home so I will look forward to see the You Tube thing tomorrow with a faster connection

    St Gregory Palamas is one of those I mentioned too I would like to “get ” more