Someone, Please Stop This Nonsense

Someone, Please Stop This Nonsense March 25, 2010

For several months, several of us on Vox Nova have pointed out the belligerent, violent developments spreading across the United States. There has been an effort to incite hate, and with that hate, violence. It continues.

Not only have we seen death threats being given to senators for passing health care reform, Sarah Palin seems to be fueling such a sentiment. It is one thing to say “let’s get our people in charge,” it’s another to do this:

This was put on her facebook page yesterday. Even if Sarah does not really intend any violence from this, it is clear this kind of rhetoric fuels it. How can anyone who claims themselves to be pro-life come out embrace the way of death?

Glenn Beck, however, is not so surprising. He already has said he is not for social justice. But, it is clear, he is also egging on the violence, as he suggests an armed insurrection.

Please, for the good of everyone, speak out against this now before it is too late. You support a culture of life? Prove it. Speak out against the ways of death.

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