Another “Lost” Post…

Another “Lost” Post… May 6, 2010

A while back, I posted a clip from the final season of Lost that highlighted the recurring theme of grace of redemption so well. And as this series reaches its finale, I want to post another clip. This one shows the deaths of two core characters, Jin-Soo and Sun-Hwa Kwon. For those unfamiliar with the show, this was a married couple with many problems – Jin was cold and controlling, and Sun was unhappy and unfaithful. And yet they too encountered grace, and their love flourished. They portrayed a marriage guided by selflessness, something that is rare in a world that instead promotes self-indulgence. Their death scene is incredibly poignant, showing once again that Lost is far better and deeper than anything else in popular culture.
"I guess this means you're not going to touch it either? :-)"

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Why was Abby Johnson’s Video Racist?
"Nobody wanted to touch this one, huh? ; )"

Why was Abby Johnson’s Video Racist?
"Thanks for resurrecting this old piece! It really is funny."

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