Is Israel Faking Evidence?

Is Israel Faking Evidence? June 3, 2010

This picture is very, very interesting. Click on it and look at the information presented:

What do you think? What is going on here? Are they just using old photographs? Or was is there something more going on, was this a preplanned subterfuge? If they are not faking evidence, then why do we find find pictures from their flickr, which Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs links to on their site, with dates which are not in accord with the events, nor one with another? After all, if the problem is that they had the wrong date on the camera, the dates on the pictures would be the same.

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  • Bruce in Kansas

    Even if this was done by mistake, I think this seriously damages Israel’s defense of their actions. Republished four-year-old photos are not credible evidence and presenting them as such undermines the argument.

  • James Nightshade

    It is pretty obviously a wrong date setting on the camera. As some of the comments on the flickr photos note, the camera model in the EXIF information (Nikon D2Xs) was released by Nikon in June 2006.

  • Rodak

    It seems too clumsy to be the work of Israeli intelligence.

  • Harry

    Andrea Mitchell of NBC said the film was “edited” and so was unreliable at this point.
    She said several times, as though it is highly significant, that it is “edited”.

  • Thaddeus

    Have you seen the First Things propaganda piece on the Flotilla? Disgusting: Talk about Orwellian! Look at the title alone!

  • digbydolben

    I fully accept that the “humanitarians” resisted what was, at least technically, an illegal–indeed, a piratical–boarding of their ship.

    Look, if these were Americans or Israelis who were violently resisting a take-over of their ship by, say, Somali or Iranian pirates, most of the rabid pro-Zionists would be CONGRATULATING them. They had every right to use force to protect themselves and their cargo.

    Moreover, the Israelis had EVERY REASON TO KNOW THEY’D DO THIS; they knew what kind of people were on that ship. I continue to maintain that this is political theatre being played, for all its worth, by both sides. The “humanitarians'” “audience” are mostly Europeans and the few Americans who sympathize with Zionism. The “audience” for the Israeli “blockade protection,” however, are the Israeli electorate, whom the Likudniks want to “solidify” for the action they’ll soon take against Iran, and American Jewry, which they want to mobilize, to stay Obama’s hand, if he should try to forbid continued “ethnic cleansing” of Palestians, or if he should wish to distance himself–or even prevent–their air strikes over Iraqi airspace, as they strike at Iran’s nuclear assets.

    This is no blunder, and it’s no “minor incident”; instead, it’s Netanyahu’s gambit for complet autonomy from America, in setting Israeli foreign policy. He’s going to war.

  • digbydolben

    Above, I meant to say “the few Americans who sympathize with Palestinian resistance.”

  • JohnH

    Dates on images are not always correspondent to the actual date (I work with digital photographs a lot as a graphic designer). Also, the dates differ among the photos uploaded because of different cameras/models being used. On one that I downloaded and looked at in Photoshop,the exif data had it being taken and downloaded in 2006 using Adobe CS4 Macintosh, which wasn’t released until 2008. I suppose you could posit that the Israelis also pirated the software two years before its release, but I doubt that is the case.

  • JohnH

    (nota bene, I do not support the blockade of Gaza.)


    There is even question as to whether or not the video we saw is of the real event:

  • I hope my words will not be taken as insulting, but as someone for whom it is something of a obligation to follow and critically examine events in Palestine, my first response on reading the title of this post was: duh.

    Veritas liberabit vos

    • Rafael

      I know what goes on, but sometimes, we have to put it forward for people who do not.