Portrayal of Priests on TV and Film

Portrayal of Priests on TV and Film June 15, 2010

I write this post because I notice the same basic errors repeated over and over again on television and in the movies. One would think that a Catholic advisor would correct some basic problems, but they seem entrenched at this point. Here’s my list – maybe you can add to it:

  • Priests are always walking around the Church, and especially like hanging out near votive candles. If you ever need to talk to a priest, just walk into a dark Church and you will find them hovering around – and willing to help. Clearly, they have no administrative duties whatsoever!
  • Priests wear clerics. When it comes to saying Mass, they wear cassock and surplice, with maybe a stole thrown around their necks. They never ever wear chasubles!
  • At Mass, they tend to preach a lot from the pulpit. That’s really all they do. If they have to stand behind the altar (which is rare!), they just move their hands around a little.
  • They like to carry books with them, especially when they walk around the Church. This book is typically the bible, not a missal, and not the daily office. Similarly, you will find a bible being read at Mass, but never a lectionary or a sacramentary!

Did I miss anything?

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