Is This Success?

Is This Success? June 24, 2010

Individualism is to Catholicism as Satan is to God. Individualism promotes the Satanic “you can be just like God.” It reinforces the fallen ego, promotes ungodly pride. It bases its credibility based upon greed. We are told that the great achievements of the modern world prove the value of individualism. Those nations which have promoted a rugged individualism have proven successes, those which have promoted Catholic morality have proven to be failures. Of course, if someone forgoes all sense of community and the common good, one can easily trample on others and, taking from them all one wants, one will indeed become a “success.” If we want to promote American culture because of its “worldly success,” we must also remember how it achieved such success: slavery, genocide, theft, and war. We must also keep in mind that the fruit of our labor lies all before us: we have used the resources of the world, we have taken from others, and now there is nothing left to be taken but our own. Abortion is just one example of where we are doing just that; it is the fruit of individualistic success to be free to kill one’s own. But as we do so, we will destroy ourselves. The American Tower of Babel is falling. Many have yet not understood this. The economic crisis which has brought about a high level of unemployment and underemployment should have been a warning. The system is toppling. The oil spill in the gulf is but another symptom of our fall. To continue as we were, we no longer will be taking from others, we will be taking from ourselves. Is this what we want? Is this how we measure success?

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