Somewhat Funny, Somewhat Confusing

Somewhat Funny, Somewhat Confusing August 18, 2010

H/T to Mark Shea, The Western Confucian, and Michael Denton

There seems to be a new blog on the blogosphere which is receiving critical attention called The Catholic Fascist. Some think it is a spin-off from Vox Nova, claiming this proves that Vox Nova is run by heterodox dissenters, because they see The Catholic Fascist as mocking Catholic doctrine.  The blog does not really seem to be doing that, but rather how such doctrine is presented on the blogosphere (which are two different things). I am thinking about how The Onion Dome was written by Orthodox, by people who loved orthodoxy, and yet understand how bad some Orthodox could be in presenting Orthodox teaching. Sadly, I do not think The Catholic Fascist is as good as The Onion Dome. Indeed, one of the things which made The Onion Dome so good is how immaculate it was written, while what we see on The Catholic Fascist appears to be poorly written and filled with all kinds of grammatical mistakes.

Now, I admit the blog has a sense of humor, but one can but wonder whether or not such a blog is actually needed. If it is supposed to be a parody of The American Catholic, there would be no need for such a blog, because The American Catholic brings out the laughs without such parody. If it is aimed beyond The American Catholic, it would be interesting to see who else it is mocking. Does anyone know?

One thing I think its critics are right about: The Catholic Fascist, unless it brings in new ideas, is a blog which will come and go and will soon be forgotten. Perhaps that will be for the best.

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