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Brilliant Movies January 25, 2011

I have watched two movies recently that I have to recommend to you. If you have Netflix these are all on the instant watch or you can get them on dvd if you like it the old fashioned way.  The first movie I just happened to place in my queue not knowing too much about it. I was absolutely surprised by its depth and its art and by its message. It is a beautiful movie.

German movie The Lives of Others (dvd only) won the 2007 Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film. It hearkens back to 1986 and the Stasi, East Germany’s state police. Famous playwright Georg Dreyman, a dedicated communist, become disillusioned with the system when his good friend is blacklisted from writing because of what he had said. Dreyman also happens to be involved with a famous beautiful actor who is desired by a top Party official. Dreyman’s apartment is bugged and Agent Wiesler, in charge of the case, soon discovers why Dreyman is under surveillance.  Wiesler listens to every conversation and writes a summary report for the Stasi. The more he listens, the more what he hears changes him.  Note of caution: the movie is typically European and has some explicit sexual scenes.

The second movie is 2003 The Snow Walker. Absolutely wonderful movie. It is truly a redemption story. An all Canadian cast, this movie is set in 1950s rural Canada with arrogant, WWII veteran Charlie Halliday as the protagonist. He is hard livin’ pilot who does not have any respect for the Natives he encounters. On one of his runs, he is begged to take a very ill Inuit woman with him so that she can receive needed medical care.  After her family pays him with very valuable ivory he agrees to take her with him. On their flight back his plane crashes. They are stuck in the middle of the tundra and since he had flown off of his flight plan, he knows no one will know where to search. It reminds of a Dostoevsky story actually, though the protagonist is no murderer. Kanaalaq reminds of Sonia, the Light who reminds this cocky arrogant man who he may have wanted to be a long time ago. Via her, he is humbled and knowing her changes him forever.  Note: This is a family friendly movie, though not for little ones.

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  • I have seen “The Lives of Others” and second your recommendation. The other sounds good too. Thanks!