On being a Franciscan

On being a Franciscan June 15, 2011

The story has made the rounds of two twin brothers, Franciscan friars, who died within hours of one another at the ripe age of 92.  A beautiful obituary has been published in the NY Times.  They are exemplars of being “minores”, least brothers, and should be an inspiration not only for Franciscans but for all who want to live poor and humble, walking in the footsteps of Christ.   From the opening:

They were like paired birds of Franciscan brown. If Brother Julian was gardening in front of the friary, Brother Adrian weeded in the back. If Adrian was driving the van, Julian sat by his side. Preparing the altar for chapel, chopping wood for kindling, exulting in ice cream at the Twist & Shake, the identical Riester twins were together, always.

Brothers Julian and Adrian, pray for us.


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