They hate private unions too…

They hate private unions too… August 5, 2011

Let’s not forgot the latest GOP attack on the core principles of Catholic social teaching. With all the commotion over the debt ceiling deal, very few paid attention to the FAA shutdown. You will hear different things about this, but the main issue is an attack on unions and collective bargaining. Here is a good articulation of the issue:

“a provision that would reverse a regulator’s ruling that airlines can unionize if an election is held and a majority of ballots favor a union — the same procedure as in most workplaces. Previously, those not voting in airline unionization elections were counted as “no” votes, an unusual practice the House bill sought to restore.”

The result – 74,000 people furloughed, airline safety in jeopardy, $1 billion in lost revenues. All because Republicans want to impede unionization in the airline industry by cynically counting those who don’t vote as saying “no”. Maybe we should have used that standard in the “tea party election” of November 2010?

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