First Sunday of Advent

First Sunday of Advent November 27, 2011

While many grumble about the new Mass translation, and others celebrate, today opens the first day of Advent. I love Advent. What I most love about Advent is bringing the prayers in my home and lighting the candles every night at dinner. There is something just sacred about sitting down, lighting the  candles and praying the Advent prayers before eating. I know that the act of lighting candles matters, because when I asked my kiddo what she understands about Advent she replied “it is the time we light candles at dinner!” So more catechesis is necessary, but the candles mark that something is different, something has changed.

May your Advent be quite spiritually fruitful!

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  • I love Advent and my heart is so happy that it has begun. For me it changed my perspective about the NRM at mass too – it seemed to carry our parish forth with joy actually, despite some very mixed feelings.

  • M.Z.

    My Advent isn’t off to the best of starts. It appears our parish is going to do the “Jesus was the Gift” theme for Advent. (Yes, I’m half curious if this is a purchased theme and how many other parishes are doing a similar theme.) I much prefer the Advent theme of this being a preparation for the Second Coming.

    As for the changes, I don’t really understand what people were expecting. There seems to be a presumptive animosity between parishioner and cleric that I think is mainly the working of people’s imaginations. People go to mass for many reasons, but I don’t think a common one has been to reflect on the commonality of the mass said in English with the one in said in Latin. The typical parishioner is a fairly docile creature and will go with the flow. That said, the new translation is inferior particularly its melody and meter. The advocates of the new translation considered that a feature and not a bug. My guess is that the people will not consider it a feature, most notably because they won’t see how manifest the errors of the prior translation were, something of which the advocates have convinced themselves.

    • David Cruz-Uribe, SFO

      I have never heard of “Jesus was a gift”: what does this entail?

      Our first Sunday went off reasonably well; the priest was clearly having a hard time, and the congregation resolutely responded “And also with you” about half the time. A few of the more obvious latinate constructions (the aural equivalent of a pig in lipstick) drove me crazy, but I am going to wait until my pastor has his parts down better before I render a final judgment on the melody and meter.

      • M.Z.

        We have a big wrapped box hanging in the back of the Church, probably around 5′ wide. The deacon used about a 2′ wide gift wrapped box as a prop during the homily. The homily included a part about everyone loving gifts – I couldn’t care less about them.