Are politicians heretics?

Are politicians heretics? January 3, 2012

This may just be a Catholic way of posing what is essentially a Mennonite question, but a passing reference to exceptionalism has got me thinking.  As I have tried to argue elsewhere, any form of nationalism audacious enough to claim the glory that belongs to God alone is profoundly subverted by the orthodoxy (in the sense of right worship) that pervades the Mass.  And I would go so far as to add that within a Christian worldview, all national exceptionalism (American or otherwise) is heresy, due to its incompatibility with the catholicity of the church and the universal dignity of all human beings.  Given that a belief in American exceptionalism seems to be all but required for election to any major U.S. political office, does that make all our politicians heretics – or at least the ones who profess Christian faith?

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