Butt Out, Jesus!

Butt Out, Jesus! January 17, 2012

The undertone of blood-lust in last night’s GOP debate was unmistakable, and it emanated from both the stage and the crowd. Rick Perry proposed that South Carolina is at war with the federal government and the Obama Administration. Where have we heard that before? Newt Gingrich gained the biggest applause of the night with two words: “Kill them.” Of course, all the candidates except Ron Paul counseled war against Iran or any other foe of Israel. And uppity Negro Juan Williams was jeered mercilessly when he dared to challenge Gingrich on his racially charged rhetoric (“food stamp president,” compulsory janitorial work for poor, black kids). Between the hoots and hollers, one could almost hear the roar of pick-up trucks and the rattle of chains.

But the most telling moment was when Ron Paul proposed applying the Golden Rule to American foreign policy. As you know, the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – was formulated by Jesus Christ, putative Lord and Savior of the largely Evangelical Protestant crowd in South Carolina. Needless to say, Paul was booed lustily. Here’s the sickening footage:

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