Goodbye, Vox Nova

Goodbye, Vox Nova April 20, 2012

For flighty, sentimental reasons, I will no longer be writing at Vox Nova. As I prepare to move from Wabash College to the University of North Dakota, into a new chapter of life, I think that the time has come for some change.

To all who have read my work here over the years: thank you. I have benefited greatly from being present here.

Yesterday, I gave my second and final “chapel talk” at Wabash: From “Adios” to “a Dios”: Goodbye, Wabash. I think it also captures my sentiments as I leave Vox Nova. I offer it as my final contribution here:

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  • The Pachyderminator

    Sam, thank you for the beautiful talk and your other contributions here. I’ll miss you. God bless.

  • Sam, I will miss you terribly, but wish you Godspeed in wherever the road takes you.

  • Robert J. Scheeler

    Welcome to North Dakota.

  • Julian Barkin

    Yeah, sorry to see you goo. You seemed like a good sentimental note here at Vox. BTW, nice to see what you look like in person.

  • tausign

    Beautiful talk…keep spreading the joy…a dios.

  • Pinky

    Just noticed this. Too bad. You will be missed.

  • Brian Martin

    Will miss you here on VN.
    Welcome to the great state of North Dakota

  • Agellius

    Bye Sam, I’ve enjoyed you.