A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words June 20, 2013

NYT Fashion Photo

The above photo is from the men’s fashion area of the New York Times online edition

Why is it that New York Times fashion photography typically features people posed to look like they’re just back from a heroin bender plus possibly an orgy?

I mean, what is being communicated here? “Buy these clothes so you too can look like someone made miserable by a life of dissipation and wanton self-indulgence?” or maybe, “Narcissism – it’s the new black?”

Though I don’t expect to, I would actually be interested in hearing from the people who made this photograph – especially photographer Matthew Kristall and style editor Jason Rider – on what they are trying to say with this photo? What “story” do they want us to infer from the character being portrayed, and what should that story communicate to us, the viewers?

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