“Why are you here?” Oprah and Paulo Coelho have an answer.

“Why are you here?” Oprah and Paulo Coelho have an answer. September 20, 2017

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There’s a new podcast out called “Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations,” that recently released a conversation between two of the leading spirituality figures of our time: Oprah, the famous inspirational talk-show host, and Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist, the biggest selling spirituality book since, well,  I don’t know when.

Over the course of an hour discussion, Oprah asks Coelho about some of the spiritual principles and passages found in The Alchemist, and then often adds her own interpretation. Their thoughts frequently merge together as one, their only differences being subtle shadings on the language they use.

I took copious notes during my listen, writing down the key points they mentioned. I then rearranged them into the narrative you’ll find below. What you see are the words of Oprah and Coelho, which I occasionally blend into a single thought. I also changed references of “we” and “our” to “you” and “your” for smoother reading. Enjoy.


  • Every person has a personal legend or calling. This is also known as a supreme destiny or purpose. It is the reason you are here.
  • Your only job in life is to discover, honor and fulfill this personal legend.
  • It is a potential given to us by God that you must realize.
  • This calling in life is related to that which makes you enthusiastic and happy.
  • Not everyone will fulfill their calling. You must listen to your heart.
  • The first spiritual quality you need is courage. Don’t fear the unknown.
  • Don’t give in to your fears or you will no longer hear your heart.
  • We all have a dream. Courage is being able to step out and serve that dream.
  • Fight for your dream. Don’t take no for an answer.
  • God will guide you, even if you take wrong steps. The Universe will rise up to meet you.
  • Look at everything like you are seeing it for the first time in your life.
  • Pay attention to the world. There is a rhythm, a flow, an energy to everything.
  • You need desire, will power, enthusiasm—then surrender to this flow.
  • You will be tested—do not lose? your faith.
  • There are obstacles but you can always get back on track.
  • At your death, God will ask one question: “Did you love enough?” Did you open your heart to embrace every moment, every person, every thing?

Will you be able to look back and say you loved your life? That is a question we may find ourselves asking at our death, and the answer ties back to the second point above. Did you discover, honor and fulfill your purpose and destiny in life? If not, perhaps my story here and story here may help.

You can find the full broadcast of Oprah’s conversation with Paulo Coelho here. It’s an hour well spent and is one of many episodes of “Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations” available for free at the iTunes store.

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