How to “Shush” the Critical Voice in Your Head

How to “Shush” the Critical Voice in Your Head April 29, 2019

Point 5. Don’t fight your thoughts, just let them go.

We tend to let ourselves get bothered by the little, meaningless things that happen each day.

Just decide that no matter what the mind says, you aren’t getting involved. When you feel the pull, like somebody pulling on your heart, you just let go. Fall behind the thought.

By watching your mind, you’ll see that it is engaged in the process of trying to make everything okay. Remember that this is not what you want to do, and then gently disengage. Do not fight your mind. Just don’t listen to it. The mind is up there. You are in here.

Your consciousness is always drawn to the most distracting object: the loudest noise, the hurting heart. This is a reminder to let go. (If you don’t let go, you’ll get sucked in.)

Drop back and hang out with the Self instead of hanging out with the mind’s disturbances. You don’t have to get rid of a negative emotion; you just cease to be involved with it. You just let go.

Point 6. When a nagging or questioning thought arises, let it go.

The moment you feel your consciousness getting drawn to a questioning or negative thought, relax your shoulders and relax the area around your heart. Letting go means falling behind the energy instead of going into it. You just let go.

When you start to sense there is a problem with the thinking mind, relax and release. When you see this stuff going on in your mind, just relax your shoulders and relax your heart. Fall behind the noise. Watch if float by and then disappear.

Once you’ve learned to let go, every minute of every day, that’s where you’ll live. You’ll learn to stay there. You’ll sit in the seat of centered awareness. You’ll be at peace.

Point 7. You might stumble along the way. That’s okay.

If you fall, just get up and forget it. Use the lesson to strengthen your resolve. Let go right then and there. Move on.

If you feel fear, let it go. If you feel shame, let it go. No matter what it is, let it go.

The bigger the disturbance, the higher the reward of letting go and the worse you’ll feel if you don’t.

Point 8. The ultimate goal is to live with this awareness all the time.

You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level. ~Eckhart Tolle

Remember, you are not the thinking mind; you are the one who is aware of the thinking mind.

When you pull back behind the mind, you, the awareness, are not involved in the process of thinking. Thinking is something you watch the mind do. You are just in there, aware that you are aware.

The more you sit in the Self, the more you’ll feel a change within. When you are no longer absorbed in your own melodrama, but instead, sit comfortably deep inside the seat of awareness, you’ll start to experience a positive feeling inside.

Awareness does not fight; awareness releases. Awareness is at peace and simply observes while everything in the universe parades before it.

Point 9. Walk through life with your heart open.

Do not let anything that happens in life be important enough that you’re willing to close your heart over it. If you love life, nothing is worth closing your heart over. No matter what events take place in your life, it is always better to let go rather than to close.

Don’t live in fear. Fear is caused by blockages in your energy. When your energy is blocked, it can’t come up and feed your heart. Your heart becomes weak. Problems ensue.

If you sit within the Self, you will experience the strength of your inner being even when your heart feels weak. You may feel inner disturbances—but they no longer disturb the seat of your consciousness, the place where the real you lives.

Follow this path and you will live a life that is less burdensome, more rewarding, more in tune with the person you were meant to be. You will be a person living to their fullest potential.


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