Insights from the Toltec Prophecies: 2021-2026

Insights from the Toltec Prophecies: 2021-2026 January 27, 2021

Aztec calendar
An Aztec calendar, circa 1792, via Wikimedia Commons.

Do you remember back in 2012 when the Mayan calendar said that the world was going to end? Some believed that the calendar prophesied that a cataclysmic, doomsday event would occur on December 21st of that year. To the surprise of some, it did not come to pass and many experts later weighed in that the calendar had been misread and was merely indicating the start of a new time cycle.

Reading ancient calendars is a tricky business but one person who is versed in the area is the Mexican healer and teacher Sergio Magaña. Schooled in the ancient ways of reading the calendar through an uninterrupted oral tradition that goes back 1,500 years, he has published a book titled The Real Toltec Prophecies which is based on the Aztec calendar of ancient Mexico.

Similar to the Mayan calendar, the Aztec calendar measures time, but not the way we do today. While there is a 365-day calendar, it is overlaid by a second calendar that is comprised of 260-days broken into twenty 13-day “weeks.” This calendar, guided by the movement of celestial bodies and sacred dates, was used to determine when to undertake important activities, like getting married or going to battle, as well as to predict the future.

Magaña  points to 3 key years on the calendar: 2012, 2021 and 2026.

These 3 years represent periods of great transition and can be broken up into 2 date ranges. The key date that separates the range is May 26th, 2021, when a lunar eclipse will occur. There’s more to consider, including the movement from a Fifth to Sixth Sun, but I will give you the shorthand version of the prophesy here. In brief:

  • 2012-5/26/2021. Humanity has gone through and is continuing to go through its “underworlds,” or periods of darkness, facing many unresolved problems.
  • 5/26/2021-2026. Humanity will begin to escape the dark period, overcoming “the obstacles of the times,” by moving from an outer focus to an inner one and by working on personal growth.

What is meant by the “underworlds” we face today? According to Magaña, they are the troubling stories that have come to dominate our current news cycle. They include weather events like fires, droughts, floods and hurricanes. The rise of poverty and the growing gap between the rich and poor. Political crises. The Coronavirus pandemic.

But these underworlds may soon come to an end. The Aztec calendar says that we are due for a new cycle that will occur on May 26th of this year and will continue all the way through November, 2026. This change in cycles will not be abrupt. There will be some carryover of the underworld period over the next five years, but this time will be marked by a gradual shift in human consciousness.

The Aztec calendar offers us both good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: Not everyone is making or will be making the spiritual shift needed to transition out of the underworld period. It all depends on the path you are on now and how you are dealing with our current COVID-19 moment. Are you at peace with yourself? Have you made use of our enforced lockdown to maintain and grow your spiritual essence? To paraphrase Magaña:

While some people have been working on changing the way they live, some people refuse to change. These are people who can’t overcome their fears and would rather cling to an unworkable system or sit in front of their TV set until things are back to the way they were before. They are hoping for some sense of normalcy to return.

The good news: Magaña tells us that on the other hand, “there are people who have used their fear during this time of isolation as motivation for self-development. They have re-evaluated their lives and made what changes they could.” This includes taking care of yourself, mind, body and soul, and using your down time for spiritual growth. He writes:

During lockdown, many people have found peace, serenity and joy in the simple things of life, from the patter of rain to small gatherings of family and friends.

Magaña offers his own exercises for spiritual growth including breathing and yogic-type exercises to “help align you with the universe.” But I don’t doubt that if you have a regular spiritual practice, including activities like meditation, prayer, contemplation, spiritual reading, attending religious services or engaging in your own mindfulness rituals, you are on the right track.

Can the ancient calendars really predict our collective future? Is the worst behind us and are better days ahead? Maybe. Or perhaps, regardless of external circumstances, the future is in our own hands, decided by our own actions and whether or not we seek to maintain and enhance our spiritual well-being. Either way, it is in our own best interests to stay on the spiritual path.

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