What Jesus Told the Medium to the Stars

What Jesus Told the Medium to the Stars February 2, 2022

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What if I told you I had a lengthy message from Jesus? Only it’s not something I read in the Bible, or even a Gnostic text. It was personally told to me over the past couple of years by Jesus himself. He talked. I merely wrote down the words.

That’s the story behind the book The Freedom Transmissions by Carissa Schumacher who over a period of several months claimed Jesus was talking to her and wanted her to spread his message. I first learned about Schumacher in a story in The NY Times where she was identified as a medium who “channeled the dead for A-list celebrity clients.” To use some bold face names, these clients include Jennifer Aniston, Uma Thurman and Andie MacDowell.

The book was channeled to the author, or as she would say “transmitted,” by a source who identifies as Yeshua—and Yeshua is no other than Jesus himself, going by his Aramaic name. If you’re not familiar with channeling, it’s how Neale Donald Walsch wrote the Conversations with God books. More recently, the author Paul Selig has written a series of books which he claims are channeled via a wise, otherworldly source.

For those who would accuse Schumacher of making this all up in her head, she strongly claims the words in the book are not her own. Much like Walsch says he heard the voice of God, she maintains she is able to access the voice of Jesus. In her words:

I am not conscious of anything that is said when He is “coming through” until I “come back to” and listen to the transmission afterward. I am NOT Yeshua, nor do I get to project my personal feelings, opinions or biases into what is channeled.

You’re probably wondering: Is this real? I don’t know. I will say the voice in the book sounds likes it comes from a modern-day tongue as opposed to a 2,000-year-old, heavenly sage. Yet, I don’t doubt that Schumacher believes it is Yeshua. And I also believe it is possible to tap into a higher source of wisdom, much like the clairvoyant Edgar Cayce claimed he could do with the Akashic Records. So let’s take a closer look at the content.

The key to a happier, more satisfying life: Balance

One of the primary themes throughout The Freedom Transmissions is the idea that “balance” is needed to realize our true selves and our oneness with God. The four elements of balance are identified as: Simplicity, Stability, Surrender and Stillness. And while they are explained in detail in the book, in essence they relate to the definitions we know. To sum them up in a sentence: Stay calm, be still, keep things simple, go with the flow.

According to Yeshua, if we devoted as much time to the 4 elements of balance as we do to “complexity, busyness and control” we would find that all of our needs would be met beyond our expectations. He tells us that the most important part of our life journey is to “realign” ourselves so that we’re in balance. We should also steer clear of “imbalances” including greed, hypocrisy, and “wanting things to be other than they are.”

Here’s one of the more compelling passages I found in the book. With apologies to Yeshua, I’ve done some light editing and listed the points in bullet point form.

Jesus on Healing, Balance and Faith

  • Those who loved me hoped that I would stay with them. They hoped that my next miracle would be for them. Even today, you hope, sometimes even expect, that I will come and deliver you from suffering, from death.
  • But I was not here to save every child or dying person. This is not reality, because the reality is, I already did.
  • I am not here, then or now, to live your life for you. I did however, die your death for you. In doing so, I gave you the freedom to live in eternal peace.
  • When I did not heal someone, it was because the healing was a want, not a need. Their hope was rooted in expectation, sometimes even entitlement, which is a sickness I cannot heal.
  • Only you can heal the imbalances of the ego through choosing balance and humility for yourself. Balance is the gateway to peace, joy, and realization.
  • It was those whose hope was a need, free of expectation, who I had the power to balance and heal. Because they were already healed and balanced within.
  • Within them they already had the faith, humility, and surrender necessary to co-create a miracle. Not faith in me as savior alone, but faith in themselves as a part of God.
  • I come to you now to restore balance to your heart and mind and its fear of death and endings.
  • Anything superhuman you are able to do comes as a byproduct of awakening to your own Divine Presence in God.

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