Oprah & Coelho on Finding Your Personal Calling

Oprah & Coelho on Finding Your Personal Calling September 9, 2022

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On the Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast, there’s a conversation in the archives that features two of the leading spirituality figures of our time. The first is Oprah, the famous inspirational talk-show host, and the second is Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist, one of the biggest selling spirituality books of our time.

Over the course of a fascinating hour-long discussion, Oprah asks Coelho about some of the spiritual principles found in The Alchemist and how to interpret them. The book’s primary message: everyone should live in the singular pursuit of their dreams.

Oprah and Coelho’s thoughts frequently merge as one, albeit with subtle shadings in the language they use. I took copious notes during my listen, writing down the key points they discussed. I then rearranged these points into the narrative you see below, with some editing on my part to shape the story.

Finding Your Personal Calling

  • Every person has a personal calling in life.

  • Your calling is your destiny or purpose. It is the reason you are here.

  • Your only job in life is to discover, honor and fulfill this calling.

  • Your calling is a potential given to you by God. Your job is to realize this potential.

  • If you’re like most people, your calling is related to what makes you enthusiastic and happy.

  • Though you may know your calling, does not mean you will fulfill it.

  • To fulfill your calling, takes courage. You need to move forward without fearing the unknown.

  • You must listen to your heart. Give in to your fears and you will no longer hear the voice of the heart.

  • Ask yourself: Is my heart is open to embrace every moment, every person, every element of my life?

  • When necessary, be prepared to fight for your dream. In your pursuit, don’t take “no” for an answer.

  • Use every bit of your will power, desire and enthusiasm, then surrender to the flow of life.

  • Look at everything like you are seeing it for the first time.

  • You may be tested but don’t lose faith. While there may be obstacles, you can always get back on track.

  • God will guide you, even if you take wrong steps; especially if you take wrong steps.

  • Listen. Pay attention to the world for cues and signs.

  • The Universe in on your side and will rise up to meet you and help fulfill your destiny.

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