Dark Moon Bath

Persephone Dark Moon Bath

Visiting natural sources of water during the colder months is not nearly as fun or warm as visiting during the summer. However you can enjoy your own sacred bath anytime. Over the next few months our sacred water section will feature a wider variety of Sacred Waters, including sacred sites and anything to do with water in its sacred nature. I hope you enjoy the new direction of this column.

Over the past month I have begun a new practice. This practice is in honor of Persephone, the dark moon and deep shadow healing. The Pomegranate is sacred to Persephone as is the rose and I have incorporated them into my practice of honoring her. This Sacred Bath Ritual can be done during the dark moon or anytime you need deep healing, a time to reflect on the shadow, or just a watery journey to the underworld. My baths all incorporate meditation and I encourage you to add this practice to your sacred bath. 

I dressed my bath with black candles, and began to fill the tub with water. As the tub filled with water, I sprinkled the black lava salt into the bath. Followed by the apple slices, rose petals and pomegranate juice. When the bath was filled, I plunged my hands in, speaking words of blessing and healing, charging my bath with the intent. I invoked Persephone and climbed in, I relaxed and grounded followed by a Pomegranate cleansing ritual. I sat in the bath, grieving, sad, and in a spiral dance with my shadow. I was ready to be cleansed by the dark and to accept my shadow. I took the pomegranates and squeezed them over my body, hearing the pops of the seeds, and watching the blood red juice flow over my face and body into the water. The walls streaked with the juice, as if blood was running down the walls, and I was transported into meditation….

You will need…

  •  ½ cup pomegranate juice
  • 1 apple sliced so the pentagram shows
  • 1 pomegranate cut into quarters
  • 1 cup Epsom or 1/2 cup black lava salt
  • Red Rose petals

*** This is a messy bath! You will need to scoop up all the seeds, apples, roses and bury them in the earth, you will also most likely need to clean your bath as well.