MEMORY LANE: The video that “launched” Witches & Wine (and it was about MONEY)

MEMORY LANE: The video that “launched” Witches & Wine (and it was about MONEY) February 17, 2019

This, my lovely muthafuckers, is the video that ignited Witches & Wine into a full-fledged occult channel.

Will you walk with me down memory lane? Take my hand, babe. Let’s saunter, meander, sway our hips, together, in unison. Because we’re about to talk about one of my favorite/painful topics: money.

Some back story: students in Jason Miller’s online course “Strategic Sorcery” were doing a bloghop (which is where different blogs write about the same topic, and then tag another blog). Lucky me, the topic that year was about $$FINANCIAL MAGIC$$. As I mention in the video, this is the genre of magic that gives me all dem feels, because this is where I started.

The video description is as follows:

Chaweon talks about how she made $400 while on a rollercoaster…as well as how she used Jupiter magic the right (and wrong!) way. And then has a conversation with Kevin about money from a sociological perspective. It’s kinda heavy, but money is literally a loaded subject…

00:20 Is magic practical?
02:22 Money as energy
04:00 Why is it easier to talk about sex rather than money?
04:18 Money as control
04:43 Shame
05:14 Money as an exchange
06:00 Attachment to the story behind the money
07:00 When others attach value to you as a person
08:13 Playing the game
08:49 Financial magic as life hack
09:10 Amor fati
10:10 First time doing money magic
10:30 Grant Morrison
11:30 Sigil magic
12:25 Using rollercoasters in money magic
14:00 Results of first money magic
14:58 Money magic as the gateway magic
15:22 Money magic I do now
16:39 Jupiter
17:20 Expansiveness of Jupiter magic
17:45 Is money magic easy?
18:13 Developing relationship with Jupiter – Aleister Crowley’s way
19:00 Stephen Fry and Jason Silva
21:05 Law of Attraction
21:18 What is magic?
21:49 Jungian psychology
22:02 Correlation of romantic relationships with money
23:08 Jupiter altar
23:59 Results
24:15 Restarting Jupiter magic
25:00 How Jupiter expands your life
26:00 Pros of anyone doing financial magic
26:30 My former skepticism
27:30 Jupiter magic result timeline
28:00 My personal weakness in money magic
28:37 Non-compartmentalization of magic
29:37 Mundane action
30:19 What magic does with possibilities
30:50 Self-responsibility

Financial magic is often looked down upon, as being too “low.” If it is, than I am comfortable going down low until I hit the goddamn floor. Give me that empirical magic, that magic you can track on an Excel spreadsheet. Give me that magic that gives you the freedom to get an Uber whenever. Give me the magic that you can use to create physical comfort so that your mind can focus on things other than paying rent or keeping your credit score from haunting you at your next job-interview background check.

Just about two weeks ago, I came back to America, after spending years in Asia. I’ve spent the past 4 months in Bali, encased in a hot pink bikini that unravelled under even a slightly agitated wave. I was used to the low cost-of-living (delicious $1 meals are common in Bali) and so being back in America has reminded me to re-start my Jupiterian magic.

Who else is with me?

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